Clinical Systems

Medicōs Consultants works with healthcare organizations, individual clinics and research organizations to specify, install and maintain electronic health record (EHR) systems. Our installations provide health practitioners, researchers and patients access to clinical information, documentation, reporting, investigational frameworks (FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant) and billing information. Our EHR systems support secure mobile access and can be configured in a number of client-server modalities (e.g. local and remote hosting, co-localized servers, etc.) to fulfill the specific requirements of the customer.

Clinical Application Framework Features

Clinical Application Server (HIPAA Compliant)

Clinical Reports and Analytics (21 CFR Part 11 Compliant)

Clinical Charting and Investigational Modules

  • Patient Index
  • Deidentified PHI Investigational Modules
  • Patient Census and Triage Forms
  • Admission, Discharge and Summary
  • Clinical Progress Notes - Customizable Templates
  • Consult Services Support
  • Medical Triage
  • Vital Signs - Co-practitioner Interaction
  • Automated Laboratory and Radiology Results Integration

Billing Module

  • Encounter and Billing Workflows
  • Insurance Eligibility Face Sheets

Electronic Prescribing, Labeling and Formulary Support

Medicōs Consultants EMR systems are designed to be cost-effective replacements of existing manual and paper-based workflows so that clinic and personnel retraining is minimal. We have had large-scale installations that have been delivered ahead of schedule due to positive user responses. Our experience with enterprise systems integration and with thousands of individual users worldwide provides us with a proven track record for successful deployment of digital healthcare workflows.

Ryan White CARE Act System - Medicōs Consultants have developed an integrated EMR and reporting system that fulfills all of the documentation requirements for clinics and organizations dependent on Ryan White CARE Act Funds for the continued treatment of their HIV patients. The Medicos Consultants EMR system includes several modules that support progress notes and encounter forms for various clinical services which are then integrated with laboratory and prescribing information. Our reporting modules allow a clinic to quickly and easily produce the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Data Report (RDR) as well as Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report (RSR). Please contact us for more information.


Medical Emergency Response Legacy Integration Network

Clinical information Coordination

Healthcare Facility Information Access

  • Clinical Control and Tracking
  • Secured Data Transmission
  • Patient and Asset Tracking
  • Exposure Manifest Assessment
  • Expert Subject Matter Support
Medicos Medical Imaging

Clinical EMR Access Tools: Data Surveillance Support

EMR Digital and Physical Access

  • Rapid Enterprise Deployment and Installation
  • Hosting/Consulting Support
  • Clinical Audit Trail Toolkit
  • HL7 Industry Integration
  • Distributed Services Model

Secure Installation

Medical Educational Control

Automated Validation and Inconsistency Identification Process

Medicos Medical Imaging

Data Validation and CIS Processing

Quality Control

and Regulatory Conformance

Analytic Tools

for Reporting and Audits

Imported Data

Cross-Referenced Against Multiple Sources

Integrated Technology


EHR Application Support

Unit Integration and Surveillance Model

Audit and Reporting Functionality

Healthcare Worker Secure Access