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Our Mission

With over four decades of industry recognized subject matter expertise in clinical health, applied research, and consumer-facing technologies, Medicōs Consultants has been at the center of groundbreaking work at major academic healthcare institutions, delivering on critical research and applied technologies at the NIH, and providing regulatory support and industry standards to the FDA and other Federal Agencies. We are a dedicated group of professionals with relentless innovation being one of our core values.


COVID-CLEAR™ from Medicos Consultants provides your organization with a healthcare reviewed and accredited path forward to keep your employees safe from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2. Our certified program provides your company with best-practice steps that will allow you to resume more normalized operations in an efficient and well documented manner.

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Research, Development and Project Management

Medicōs Consultants has a long track record of delivering on innovative research & development programs, as well as offering complex project management support in the healthcare industry. Our work at the NIH and with other agencies on Special Purpose Interagency Projects (SPIPs) [e.g. FDA Regulatory Support] has allowed us to establish exceptional past performance measures as a prime contractor on open bid contracts
Supply Chain Management Expertise
In one of our largest project management efforts to date, as a prime contractor to the NIH, Medicōs Consultants managed supply chain relationships with over 60 different pharmaceutical manufacturers and hundreds of retail pharmaceutical partners. This multiple award decade-long program led to the first collection of validated pharmaceutical products for physical inspection and imaging in the Nation’s history as well as to the receipt of a Hubert Humphrey Award from HHS Deputy Secretary William Corr for one of the NLM project managers working on this effort.

Research Background

Medical Imaging

As a prime contractor with the Office of High Performance Computing and Communication (OHPCC) [formerly at the NIH’s National LIbrary of Medicine (NLM)] Medicōs Consultants was awarded multiple 5-year open bid awards to organize and lead some of the most complex interdisciplinary imaging projects in NIH and NLM history. In one project that created the NIH’s largest curated and validated image collection, of over 200,000 of novel and curated images and that to date have been served up more than 3 billion times through secure multiple online applications authored and engineered by Medicōs Consultants. These images of all of the oral solid dosage pharmaceuticals approved by the FDA and marketed in this country, have become part of the Nation’s critical public safety infrastructure. On a minute-to-minute basis public safety organizations like poison control centers, emergency room physicians and staff, clinical EMRs and even image researchers, use the Medicōs Consultants images and databases to ensure that patients receive proper treatments.

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Medicos Medical Imaging

System Engineering

Medicōs Consultants has experience in rapid prototyping and custom software and hardware solutions engineering. Our experience and successful program implementations range from advances in new investigational approaches in the field of quantitative myocardial blood flow imaging using positron emission tomography technology through sole-source custom IC design solutions (including a wide variety of hardware using CISC and RISC instruction sets). We have also deployed networks of secure mobile healthcare applications (FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant) with install bases of over 100,000 distributed users.

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Medicos System Engineering

Clinical Systems

Medicōs Consultants, LLC is a healthcare IT consulting firm with offices in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. We specialize in large-scale projects coordinating research & development and production efforts.

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Medicos Clinical Systems

About Us

Medicōs Consultants, LLC is a healthcare IT consulting firm with offices in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. that specializes in implementing innovative and cost-effective clinical and investigational content management systems (CMS), electronic health record (EHR) systems, and scalable-distributed network architecture systems for federal, state, and commercial clients.

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